I’ll admit it: I compromised comfort for fashion.

I’ve even quick-changed from flats to heels in a taxi. Then I found myself in Roma on holiday and met a fourth-generation shoemaker. She said simply, “No shoe made with the highest quality materials by the hands of the best craftsman should ever be uncomfortable. Even heels.” I invested in four pairs on that trip and I never took them off. As I shared this story with friends, something surprised me.

Other women admitted to me that they’d been compromising, too.

It wasn’t just me. The modern woman is demanding a shoe that’s designed with care and consideration from the inside out and one that can keep up with her. Enter SantM, the pro-comfort, anti-compromise footwear brand.

Min Santandrea



I set out to give modern women a newfound sense of freedom and ease in their day-to-day lives. Imagine slipping on a well-appointed shoe and walking out the door. Never again carry a second pair of shoes, waste time in front of the mirror in the morning, keep extra shoes under your desk or trade fashion for comfort.


The shoes that allow me to feel this way have always had two things in common: Comfort and Craftsmanship. That’s why we value these two principles and recognize them as the foundation for a shoe we want to wear again and again, year after year.


Being comfortable is the result of good design and careful production. Look at how our inner lining is one seamless piece of leather. Feel how our gel insoles release pressure in your feet. Ultimately, our shoes allow for such a range of natural movement that it feels like putting on socks, not rigid boxes. Wherever possible this is achieved through the rare and renowned sacchetto (“little bag”) technique – the true mark of precision and craftsmanship. This is what creates the surprising flexibility in the forefoot and natural curvature of the insole. It is the realization of our vision: That beautiful shoes should be comfortable, too.



To achieve this high standard, we use the finest Italian materials and partner with premier, fourth-generation craftsmen whose clients have included the world’s Fortune 500 luxury brands. Most of the 150 Italian men and women who work at our factory have an aunt, uncle or cousin working there, too – so it’s not a stretch to say that making an exceptional shoe is a matter of family pride.

Over the last 98 years, certain high expectations have become ingrained in each craftsman’s DNA. They’ve honed their artistry, all while embracing modern technology. When I entered the factory, I noticed that a reverence for tradition is very much alive. I chose these craftsmen for this reason – because they preserve the beauty or a strong heritage and because they hold true to to the Renaissance Guild establishment that is still thriving in Italy. For example, to create one pair of shoes it takes 36 artisans on average, which lends a rare and personal touch that no machine can replicate. The result? Incredibly well-made, well-loved shoes.