The Art of Shoemaking

One of the beauties of building SantM was to learn about the art of shoemaking. I am awed by the passion of the craftsmen that create SantM's beautiful shoes. Even with decades of experience in fashion, I am constantly learning from our designer, factory, and head technicians.

To achieve this high standard, we use the finest Italian materials and partner with premier, fourth-generation craftsmen whose clients have included the world’s Fortune 500 luxury brands. Most of the 150 Italian men and women who work at our factory have an aunt, uncle or cousin working there, too – so it’s not a stretch to say that making an exceptional shoe is a matter of family pride.

Over the last 100 years, certain high expectations have become ingrained in each craftsman’s DNA. They’ve honed their artistry, all while embracing modern technology. When I entered the factory, I noticed that a reverence for tradition is very much alive. I chose these craftsmen for this reason – because they preserve the beauty or a strong heritage and because they hold true to to the Renaissance Guild establishment that is still thriving in Italy. The result? Incredibly well-made, well-loved shoes.

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