Rocca Negroni, a nice winter warmer cocktail, recipe from our friends at The Thinking Traveller

Legend has it, Negroni, one of the most popular Italian cocktails, was invented at Caffè Casoni, Florence in1919 and was named after Count Camillo Negroni. 

The Negroni's strength and complex flavors belie its simplicity, but we like to add a few extras to spice it up even more.⁠

You need low tumbler glasses, plenty of ice, and a measuring cup.⁠

Preparing the classic Negroni:⁠
1 part (30ml) premium gin⁠
1 part (30ml) Campari⁠
1 part (30ml) premium vermouth⁠

Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour the ingredients straight over the ice.⁠

Stir and top up with more ice. Decorate with slices of blood orange.⁠

For that extra complexity:⁠
1 tsp Averna Amaro⁠
2 tbps vintage vermouth (look for unopened vintage bottles on Ebay, the older the better)⁠
1 tsp orange blossom syrup⁠


Min Santandrea, Founder of SantM