Travel guide to Marettimo, Sicily

Want to explore an untouched land with amazing food? 

Let's go to Marettimo.

Marettimo is one of the Aegadian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea west of Sicily Italy. The ancient name of the island was Hiera, part of the Greek name Hierà Nèsos, which means "Sacred Island" in Greek. Indeed, its Latin name used by Pliny was also "Sacra". The name Marettimo probably comes from the words mar (sea) and timo (thyme) due to the profusion of thyme on the island.

Its beauty and history are unimaginable and breathtaking …

🔹Marettimo packs a surprising amount of history and archaeological interest for such a small, relatively remote place. ⁠⠀


🔹Looking down from a vantage point above the village are the remains of a Roman military outpost, built after the First Punic War and testimony to the strategic importance the island played in antiquity. ⁠⠀

🔹Marettimo is a great destination for those who love trekking. A network of well-signposted walking routes crisscrosses the island, offering unending panoramas of heart-quickening beauty. Perhaps the best view of all is to be had from the top of Pizzo Falcone, the island's highest peak at about 500m above sea level.⁠⠀

🔹The island's coastline is one of dramatic charm. Numerous sea caves puncture the plunging, precipitous dolomitic cliffs as they meet the sea. One such is the Grotta del Cammello, which hosts a pebbly beach and the remains of a Roman settlement. ⁠⠀

🔹A day or two exploring these caves on a boat is a fabulous experience. Lovers of the sea will also delight in the swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities Marettimo has to offer. Its crystalline waters are an integral part of the Egadi Island Marine Reserve, one of the largest in Europe.⁠⠀

🔹When it comes to eating out on Marettimo, there are several excellent trattorie and pizzerie to choose from. Fish and seafood (caught fresh and delivered directly to the chefs) rule supreme, and the island has achieved something of a cult status amongst Sicilian food-lovers for its lobster soup.⁠⠀

🔹In the summer months, expat islanders return to see their families, a few tourists arrive and the island's only village thrums with a very gentle buzz. ⁠⠀

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