From the Experts: Stuart Weitzman Interview

As a small business owner, this pandemic has hit us hard.  However, we are not giving up.  We are continuing to learn and serve our community.  Thus I am so grateful to Stuart Weitzman for sharing his decades of learning, giving us his time, and supporting us.

I asked Stuart to be part of our From the Experts series for a few reasons.  First, he is a pioneer of comfort chic shoes, an incredible businessman and now a household name. Second, he was both CEO and Head of Creative for his namesake brand, extremely rare combo in the fashion world.  Third, he is also a teacher by heart. Fourth, we both share are believers in form follows function. The apex of good design is when it is both beautiful and functional.  

Watch my video call interview to hear how he grew his business and why he decided to sell it to Tapestry (AKA Coach), why he only made shoes not expand to other fashion categories, who his favorite celebrity to work with, and what he is reading.   


Min Santandrea
Founder, SantM