From the Experts: Pepi Marchetti Franchi

ITALICS - a new site for art lovers.

If you have followed us for a while, you know we love art especially the ones that inspire us. 

As part of our From Italy with Love series, we are so pleased to share our interview with Pepi Marchetti Franchi. She has a long and truly respectable career in the arts from Guggenheim Museum New York to Venice and currently as the founding director of Gagosian Roma, the most influential gallery with 11 locations globally.

Her newest endeavor is ITALICS. It was created with Lorenzo Fiaschi of Galleria Continua, while locked in their houses for 4 months this Spring. ITALICS promotes the culture and beauty of Italy through an Italian network of gallerists working together and sharing experiences, on and offline, with an international audience of collectors and art lovers.  It provides a real insiders guide to Italian art from site-specific installations to a lesser know masterpiece in a remote church.   

Enjoy my interview with Pepi and check out ITALICS site...